What settings need to be checked when using a Managed or Unmanaged switch?

The Linksys Velop can use Managed and Unmanaged switches.  Unmanaged switches usually do not need setting adjustments as the switch simply passes all traffic.  On the other hand, Managed switches usually require the user to confirm the following set-up and make necessary changes.
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NOTE:  It is recommended to place the switch between the primary and secondary nodes.
For most Managed switches, the settings below should be enough:
- STP / RSTP status needs to be Enabled.
- BDPU Handling status needs to be Flooding or Filtering.

NOTE:  Not all Managed switches may behave the same way.

If the above STP global settings do not take effect, it can be disabled, but the user must enable the STPs on each port the nodes are connected to.  By default, some Managed switches have global STP OFF on all ports.  After the user sets both settings to global (and per port for STP if needed), the wired secondary node back-haul will switch to wired successfully.

NOTE:  Velop devices connected to any switch may display incorrect device status in the Linksys app or the web-based setup page.  Despite having a connection, you may see a red light or the device may show as offline instead of online, and vice versa.

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