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Velop Simple Setup in the Web UI

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Setting up the Velop is easy through the Linksys app.  However, if during the initial setup you encounter any issues, below are the steps to proceed with the setup through the parent node's web interface.
Scenarios where setup through the web interface is useful:
  • The app is stuck on connecting to the Velop
  • The app is stuck on finding the modem
  • The app is stuck on looking for the node
  • You cannot change the Wi-Fi name (SSID) or password in the Linksys app
  • You encountered an error when changing the Wi-Fi name in the Linksys app
Before you begin:
  • Close the Linksys app if it is open.
  • Reset the node to clear any settings that may interfere with the setup.  Hold the reset button for 6 to 10 seconds until you see one solid red flash, followed by three quick red pulses.
  • Powercycle the modem (some Dynamic WAN connections may require it).
  • Connect the modem to the node using an ethernet cable and leave the node ON.
NOTE:  The ethernet port that you will use for setup (the port on the node where your modem will be connected) will become a fixed WAN port.  Thus, if you will accidentally plug in the modem into the other port (which is now a fixed LAN port), the primary node will not have internet access and will have a solid red light.  To fix this, switch the modem over to the other port and check if the node’s light turns solid blue. 


Step 1:
Connect to the default Wi-Fi of the Velop.  Look underneath the device for the Wi-Fi name and password.

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Step 2:
Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your parent node in the Address bar then press [Enter].

NOTE:  The default IP address of your Velop is  If the IP address of the node has been changed, use that instead.

Step 3:
Click on the Click here link.
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Step 4:
Enter the administrator password and click on Sign In.

NOTE:  The default password of an unconfigured node is admin.
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QUICK TIP:  You can also log in using your Linksys server account.  If your node has been associated to a server account, click on the click here link and sign in with your email and password.

Step 5:
Click on the CA link at the bottom of the dashboard.
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Step 6:
Click Connectivity under Router Settings.
Step 7:
If your node does not have an internet connection, go to the Internet Settings tab and select the correct internet connection type.
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NOTE:  The node must be online first before going to the Velop Setup tab. 
Step 8:
Once your node is online, go to Velop Setup and enter the SSID and Password for your Velop network.  Then, click the Setup Node button to proceed.
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Step 9:
Check your computer’s Wi-Fi connection.  Once the Wi-Fi settings have been saved on the node, you will need to connect to the new Wi-Fi name of your Velop network to continue.

NOTES:  Clicking on the Setup Node button will set the Wi-Fi settings, and will also:
  • Set the node's device mode to Master
  • Set the administrator password to admin
  • Set the node's name / location to Node1
Step 10:
Once Step 9 is completed, your node is now the parent node.  You are done with the setup.  However, if you want to add child nodes, place them near the parent node.  Turn ON the other nodes and wait until you have solid purple lights.  Click the Add Wireless Child Nodes button.   

NOTE:  If you are adding wired nodes, connect a cable from your child node to the parent node; wait until the child node has a solid purple light and then click on Add Wired Child Nodes.
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NOTE:  You will not see any changes in the web interface once you click on either of the buttons.  It will be grayed out once clicked - indicating that it is sending the configuration settings to the other nodes.  Focus on the indicator light of the child nodes instead.  The child nodes will start to communicate with the parent node, and then they will be added to the network.  
Step 11:
Once all child nodes have a solid blue light, click the Done Adding Child Nodes button then click Apply or Ok.  You can then place them in other locations.

Step 12:
Connect a smartphone or tablet that has the Linksys app installed to the Wi-Fi name you recently created.
Step 13:
Launch the Linksys app on your device and log in using your existing Linksys server account or create a new account if you haven't done so.

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  • If you have not associated your Velop network to your Linksys server account, you will receive a message to Add the network to the account.  Click the Add to Account option once logged in to associate your Velop.
  • If you are prompted for your router password, enter admin.  It is highly recommended to change your administrator password after logging in using the Linksys app.  For instructions, click here.

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