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Printing wirelessly on your iOS device with AirPrint™

AirPrint™ is a component for iOS devices which allows you to print wirelessly from your iOS devices directly to any AirPrint™-compatible printers connected to your network. 
AirPrint™ is available for the following iOS devices:
  • iPad® (all versions)
  • iPhone® (3Gs or higher version)
  • iPod® (3rd Generation or higher version) 

IMPORTANT:  Your iOS device must have software version 4.2 or higher to be able to print using AirPrint™. 
NOTE:  To know if your printer supports AirPrint™, click here.
This article will discuss how you can print wirelessly on your iOS device using AirPrint™. 
Printing on your iOS device
AirPrint™ allows you to print from any Apple® applications such as iBook®, Mail, Photos and Safari® as well as other third party applications you have purchased or downloaded from the App StoreSM.  To know if the application you want to print a file from supports printing wirelessly with AirPrint™, check the online documentation or literature associated with the application. 
Step 1:
Connect your iOS device to the wireless network.
NOTE:  To learn how to connect your iOS mobile device to the wireless network, click on the links below:
Step 2:
Select an application which contains the document, file, email or web page you want to print. 
NOTE:  In this article, Notes is used as an example. 

Step 3:
Tap the document you want to print.
Step 4:
 Tap the Action  icon.
Step 5:
Tap Print.
Step 6:
Tap Select Printer > to select an AirPrint™-enabled printer in your network.
NOTE:  If you already have an AirPrint™-enabled printer setup with your iOS device, you may skip steps 6-7.
Step 7:
Select your preferred printer.
Step 8:
Tap the Add or Subtract buttons to adjust the number of copies you want to print.  Tap Print once done.
Your document should now begin printing.
NOTE:  The screen will show the queue as the printing progresses. 
QUICK TIP:  If you are encountering issues while printing, or if you see the No AirPrint Printer found error message, check on the following:
  • Ensure that the printer is powered ON.  If your printer is already powered ON, you may perform a powercycle by powering it OFF then turning it ON again. 
  • Ensure that the printer and your iOS device are connected to the same network.  To know how you can connect your printer to the same network, check the printer documentation. 
  • Ensure that the printer has paper and enough ink or toner installed. 
  • Verify if the printer hardware is free of any error messages displayed on its control panel. 
Print with HP® ePrint mobile app
Aside from AirPrint™, you can also print wirelessly from your iOS device using the HP® ePrint application.  This application allows you to print documents from your email, web pages and images saved on your mobile device with your HP® ePrint-enabled printer.
To learn more about this application, click on the links below:
Downloading, installing, and activating the HP® ePrint app on your iOS device
Printing on your HP® ePrint-enabled printer using your iOS device

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