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Do You Need a Business or a Consumer Router?

Do You Need a Business or a Consumer Router?

Do You Need a Business Router or a Consumer Router?

Whether you work from home or run a small business, there’s a router out there for you.

  1. What kind of Wi-Fi activities do you spend the most time on?

  2. Work and play on my network: Proceed to question 2

  3. I run a small business or work from home: Skip to question 32. How many devices will be using your Wi-Fi network at once?

  4. 1-7: Proceed to conclusion 1

  5. 8+: Proceed to question 53. What’s more important to you in a router: speed or security?

  6. I have a need for speed: Proceed to question 3

  7. Definitely security: Proceed to conclusion 34. Will you need to use a virtual network or guest network for visitors?

  8. Not at the moment: Proceed to question 5

  9. Yes, I will: Proceed to question
  10. Do you need customized router settings to separate work and personal use?

  11. Not really: Proceed to conclusion 1

  12. Absolutely: Proceed to question 76. How important is VPN support (the ability for remote users to access your network)?

  13. Not very important: Proceed to conclusion 2

  14. Extremely important: Proceed to conclusion 37. Do you have a very large space that will need additional coverage beyond the capacity of your router?

Conclusion 1

Stick with Consumer Class

You need speed and easy-to-use security. Parental controls keep kids protected while firewalls make security hassle-free. For die hard streamers, built-in media servers keep the content flowing smoothly.

What Should You Buy? MU-MIMO Router

Conclusion 2

It’s 50/50

You use your router for business and pleasure. But which is more important to you? Consumer routers prioritize speed and media streaming, while business routers favor security and remote access.

What Should You Buy? MU-MIMO Router or an Open Source Router

Conclusion 3

Go All-Business

You need security, scalability, and traffic management. Robust VPN support, business application prioritization, and enhanced security are all part of business grade routers and access points. Customize your routers or connect multiple access points to scale as your company grows.

What Should You Buy? VPN Routers, Open Source Routers, or Access Points

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