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Finally, You No Longer Have To Hide Your Wireless Router!

You’ve decorated your beautiful home with care: furniture, lighting, paintings, floor covering…Wi-Fi? Perhaps this seems an “odd-man out” but how often is the peace in your home interrupted by expletives resulting from frozen (über-unattractive!) Skype images and other frustrations from faulty internet? Life is too short for so much irritation when the solution is simple: optimize your internet system.

Consider the wireless router: the magic box that is tucked in a closet, meter room or TV cabinet, unloved and unappreciated? If you hide your wireless router, it hampers reception. Your valuable signal is blocked by walls, floors and doors; it goes right out the door from the entry hall. Microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors also interfere. It is no wonder, then, that your house has irritating dead zones and patchy reception.

Elegant. Sophisticated. Tasteful.

These are not words that we usually associate with wireless router systems. Fortunately, modern design addresses this traditionally ugly-duckling corner of the computer world.

  1. Modern design removes the need to hide your wireless router
  2. Select an integrated system with a series of nodes, the modern “design” cousins of “oh so 1990s” routers. Linksys Velop nodes are elegant, clutter-free sculptural accessories with integrated antennas. 88% smaller than a traditional wireless router, they are styled for 360° good looks. They blend with your décor, perfect for placing in an elevated, central position for optimal dispersion of the signal. With clumsy children and rowdy pets in mind, Velop nodes are engineered for stability.

  3. Speed, in-house mobility
  4. A strong signal throughout your home, will:

    • Keep your children gaming at home, optimize their homework potential
    • Allow you to move easily from room to room, carrying your smart phone or tablet with you, without interfering with your game, music or chat. For instance, to give e-tours of your renovated bathroom or to relocate your Netflix “me time” to accommodate your partner’s impromptu poker game.

    Select, thus, the system which provides the strongest, most reliable signal and furthest range.

  5. Easy to manage, also from a distance
  6. The best way to coordinate your home internet is with a smart phone. Choose a system with a user-friendly, well-designed app that allows you to control a child’s access by blocking sites or limiting their time online. Provide guest access to visitors or babysitters by texting from your office or the airport. You can even monitor who is online and which devices are being used in your home.

The “furniture” of your modern home includes many tablets, smart phones, laptops, smart TVs….and the number will likely grow. The smarter your life, the more devices compete for the same wireless signal. Rid your family of current and future irritation by blanketing your home with a state-of-the-art system which provides the optimal combination of premium design and performance. To keep your family close, cozy and connected.