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Wi-Fi Guide for Parents [Infographic]

Wifi Guide For Parents [Infographic}

Wi-Fi Guide for Parents

The Internet’s vastness makes it a wonderful learning tool, but it also exposes kids to malware and risky content. Here's how to keep your children’s Internet experience smart and safe.

Set Wi-Fi Time Limits

  • Create time limits that cater specifically to your child—especially if they can’t get through a conversation without a smartphone.
  • Make Wi-Fi time inclusive by joining your kids as they stream YouTube videos or play Xbox games on the TV.
  • Establish Wi-Fi free zones in your home, both in physical places (like the living room) and during times of the day (like meals).

Use Parental Controls and Other Resources

  • Always determine which parental controls to set when your child gets a new device, whether it’s an iPhone or a Nintendo 3DS.
  • Use the security controls provided by your mobile service provider, typically found by logging into your account at the provider’s website.
  • Consider content-blocking software and services like OpenDNS to keep kids safe from malware and abusive content.

Draw Internet Privacy Boundaries

  • Make it clear that some information—like your home address and phone number—is strictly off-limits for posting online. The same applies to posting pictures while away on vacation and the house is empty. 
  • Keep copies of your child’s passwords and check your router’s activity logs for misuse.

Foster an Environment of Trust

  • Try starting your kids off with strong Internet limits, then easing into looser settings as they demonstrate responsible behavior.
  • Read and research to keep up to date with online security trends. As you learn, keep the discourse with your kids open. You might learn something from them, too.