Tested HDD and Printers for the EA4500

The Linksys Maximum Performance Dual-Band N900 Router, EA4500, is compatible with most storage devices and printers.  It recognizes FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+ formats.  The following table lists the storage devices and printers tested to work with the router, along with their disk storage formats.


Yes - indicates compatibility with the EA4500
Blank - unsupported by EA4500

Storage devices

ManufacturerModelSizeNTFSFAT32HFS+Multiple Partitions (#)
 Iomega 1 TB External Hard Drive1 TB   Yes  
 Micronet TechnologyFantom GreenDrive 2 TB USB 2.0/eSATA External HD GD2000EUS 2 TBYes  Yes  
 Western DigitalMy Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Ultra Portable External HD WDBACX0010BBK 1 TB Yes   
 Western DigitalWD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 External HD WDBAAU0020HBK 2 TB  Yes    
 Western Digital2 TB USB 2.0 Caviar Green SATA-300 HD WD20EARS  2 TB  Yes   Yes
 Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 External HD WDBAAU0010HBK 1 TB  Yes   
 Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 External HD WDBAAU0020HBK 2 TB   Yes    
 Western Digital WD Elements 3 TB USB 2.0 External HD WDBAAU0030HBK 3 TB  Yes   
 SeagateExpansion1.5 TB USB 2.0 Portable External HD STAX1500100  1.5 TB   Yes Yes 
 Toshiba E05A100PBU3XS Canvio USB 3.0/2.0 Plus HD 1 TB, 3.0 USB (Up to 5 Gbps)1 TB   Yes   
 SeagateSTAY 3000100 Expansion 3TB External HD USB 2.0 3 TB   Yes Yes  
 SeagateBarracuda 7200.11  1 TB  Yes   
 Seagatspan="1" rowspan="1" style="text-align: center;">  Pipeline HD.2  1 TB    Yes    
 Seagate Pipeline HD 500 GB   Yes    
 Seagate Barracuda 7200.12  500 GB   Yes   
 SamsungHD501LJ   500 GB   Yes  Yes 
 Western DigitalWD WD10EVVS  1 TB  Yes Yes Yes 
 Western DigitalWD WD20EVDS   2 TB    Yes    Yes 
 Maxtor OneTouch 4Plus 1 TB 1 TB  Yes   
 Kingston DataTraveler 64 GB 64 GB   Yes    
 Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB  16 GB    Yes    
 PNY Attache    4 GB   Yes  
 PNYAttache  2 GB  Yes  
 SandiskCruzer   4 GB   Yes  YesYes Yes 
 Sandisk Cruzer   2 GB  Yes  Yes  
 Dane-ElecSD Card   128 MB  Yes  
 Thermaltake BlacX 5G ST0019U storage
Dock station SATA-300 USB 2.0/3.0
 N/A N/A  Yes Yes Yes 

Printers (Virtual USB)


Linksys Connect cannot find drivers by default.  Drivers are downloaded and installed automatically from the Internet.
(2) Windows 7 cannot find drivers by default.  Drivers have to be downloaded and installed.
(5) Manual installation of the drivers is required for Mac OS X® 10.5.


ModelVirtual USB (Windows 7)Virtual USB (OS X 10.6.7)
 Hewlett Packard OfficeJet Pro 8500 YesYes
 Hewlett Packard DeskJet 6127 YesYes
 Canon™ PIXMA MP830 YesYes
 Epson™ StylusPhoto RX620 Yes      Yes (1)
 Hewlett Packard OfficeJet J4680 All-in-One YesYes
 Hewlett Packard Photo Smart Premium C309n Yes      Yes (5)
 Brother Professional Series Multi Center Yes       Yes (5)
 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4250n       Yes (2) Yes
 Lexmark™ X2470 Yes Yes
 Hewlett Packard Officejet 6310 All-in-One Yes Yes
 Hewlett Packard Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Yes Yes
 Canon™ PIXMA MG5220 Yes       Yes (1)
 Deskjet 3050 Yes       Yes (1)
 Lexmark™ Pro205 Yes       Yes (1)
 Hewlett Packard Photosmart C4580 Yes Yes
 Hewlett Packard Photosmart C6180 Yes Yes

NOTE:  Devices NOT on the lists may or may not work with the EA4500.

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