iPad® can connect to the network but can’t access the Internet

If you can connect to the network but not able to access the Internet with your iPad®, it may be due to the following:

  • There may be problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Your router may not be properly connected to your cable or ADSL modem
  • Your iPad® may be getting an invalid IP Address from your router

This article provides you troubleshooting steps to follow when your iPad® is connected to the network but unable to access the Internet.

Before proceeding with any of the troubleshooting steps below, you must first do the following: 

  • Verify if other wireless devices can access the Internet.  
  • If they are having the same problems, check if your router is properly connected to your cable or ADSL modem by viewing the port LED lights. 
  • If the port LED lights are not flashing, the Ethernet cable may be defective.  Use another Ethernet cable to connect your router and your cable or ADSL modem then check the lights again.

Releasing and renewing your iPad®’s IP Address

Your router may not be giving your iPad® a valid IP Address that is why you cannot connect to the Internet.  Releasing and renewing your iPad®’s IP Address can resolve this issue.  To learn how to release and renew your iPad®’s IP Address, click here.

Reset your connection to the wireless network

If releasing and renewing the IP Address of your iPad® does not work, you may need to reset its connection to the wireless network.  You can try these basic troubleshooting steps in order to reset its connection to the wireless network:

  • Removing your network from the preferred network list removes all settings associated with the network you are having problems with.  This can resolve any network issues you may be experiencing when connecting your iPad® to the wireless network.
  • Resetting the network settings of your iPad® - Resetting the network settings on your iPad® removes all the current network settings currently stored on your iPad® which could resolve most of the connectivity issues you may be encountering.

You may also try to power OFF your iPad® by pressing and holding the Home  button and the Power button at the same time until a red slider appears at the top of the screen that says slide to power off.

Once the slide to power off prompt appears, swipe the slider to power OFF the device.  Switch it back ON after a few seconds then try to connect again.

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