Renewing and releasing the IP Address of your iPad®

When you are having difficulty in connecting to the wireless network, you may not be getting a valid IP Address from your router.  One such instance is when you are getting a self-assigned IP Address which starts with 169 (e.g. 169.254.x.x).

To resolve this issue, you can renew and release the IP Address assigned to your iPad® by your router by using the Renew Lease function.  Follow the instructions below to learn how:

Step 1:
Tap Settings.

Step 2:
Tap Wi-Fi.


Step 3:
Select the wireless network name (SSID) of the network you are currently connected to.


NOTE:  The checkmark beside the SSID of the wireless network indicates that you are connected to that network.


Step 4:
Tap the blue arrow beside the Airport icon.


Step 5:
Tap Renew Lease to renew and release the IP Address.


Step 6:
You will receive a prompt verifying if you would like to renew lease.  Click Renew to continue.


You should now get a valid IP Address which is within the range of IP Addresses assigned by your router.

NOTE:  In this example, the valid IP Address is


Launch a web browser and connect to a website to ensure that you are already able to connect to the Internet.

NOTE:  If you are still unable to get a valid IP Address, tap Forget this Network and try to reconnect to renew your connection to the wireless network.


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