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Adding Cameras on the Video Surveillance Manager Software

Installing the Linksys network camera’s Video Surveillance Manager (PC-NVR) makes the configuration and management of the device easier.  After you successfully installed the software, complete the setup by adding the cameras you want to view in the utility’s Search area.
IMPORTANT:  Cameras will not appear on the grid until you add them in the Search area.  The steps below will guide you on how to properly add your camera to the PC-NVR Software.

Step 1:
Open the PC-NVR Software.

Step 2:
Enter the Username and Password you initially set for the software.  The default username and password is admin.  If you have changed this previously, use the new details instead then click OK.

NOTE:  The PC-NVR Software password is different from the camera’s password.  The software has its own separate password to manage the utility.  If you forgot your password, you may reinstall the software; but, as you uninstall it, uncheck all the boxes to avoid deleting any of the media files.

Step 3:
Once the LiveView screen opens, click on Search.

Step 4:
A pop-up box will appear automatically searching for cameras.  Check the box next to the camera name or UPnP Name.  Enter the Username and Password for that camera and click Add.

The PC-NVR will now show video feeds of the area where the camera is installed.

Display Modes

If you want to view the image in a multiple window mode, you can change the display to any of the following:
Display Modes


8 division



10 division



13 division




Sequence – This function is used to set the display sequence.

Full Screen – Enlarge the viewing window to fit full screen.  Hit <Esc> to exit.

Resort Camera – Resort Display Window Grids; to rearrange camera images of connected sites in order.  If the user rearranges the camera sites during live view, they can return to the original camera order by right clicking on any grid square and selecting <Re-sort camera>.

If you need more help or information about the camera, visit the Linksys Small Business Support.

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