Connecting the Playstation® 4 to the Internet wirelessly

Connecting your Playstation® 4 (PS4™) to the internet allows you to gain access to online services, such as the PlayStation® Network and PlayStation®Store.  It also allows you to play online games and use the web browser on your gaming console.  Currently, Playstation®4 ONLY supports 2.4 GHz networks.  If you have a dual-band router, you will not see the SSID of the 5 GHz band in the network list.

Before connecting your Playstation® 4 to the internet, ensure that you take note of the wireless settings of your router.  These include your router’s wireless network name (SSID) and wireless security or password.  To learn how you can check the wireless settings of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers using the Linksys cloud account, click here.  If you're using a Linksys app, click here
Step 1:
On your system dashboard, select Settings and press the X button on your controller to bring up the Settings menu.
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Step 2:
Scroll down to Network and press the X button to bring up the Network menu.
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Step 3:
Make sure that Connect to the Internet is checked, then select Set Up Internet Connection and press the X button.
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Step 4:
Select Use Wi-Fi and press the X button.
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Step 5:
Select Easy and press the X button to use the easy set up method.
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Step 6:
On the list of available wireless networks, find the name of your network and press the X button to continue.
NOTE:  In this example, the MyWirelessNetwork is used.
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Step 7:
If your network is password protected, you will be prompted to enter it first. 
NOTE:  WPA™ keys are case-sensitive (abc is different from ABC).  WEP keys are hexadecimal (0-9 and a-f) characters and are not case-sensitive.

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Step 8:
Once finished, press the X button to test your connection.
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NOTE:  The network settings will be saved on your Playstation® 4, then a connection test will follow to verify if you are now connected to the Internet.
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You have now successfully connected your Playstation® 4 to the internet.  

If you have problems connecting to online services, such as the Playstation
Network or Playstation®
Store, you might need to set up Port Forwarding with your game console.  Click on the link below to learn how:

Setting up Single Port Forwarding on your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi device

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