Basic troubleshooting tips for iPad wireless connectivity issues

You may encounter problems detecting the wireless network or connecting your iPad® to your wireless network. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to help resolve issues concerning your iPad’s connectivity to the network.

Verify if your other wireless devices are able to connect to the wireless network

Check if your other wireless devices such as laptops, smart phones, gaming consoles and tablets are able to see the wireless network. If these devices are not able to detect the wireless network, check the ethernet cable connecting your router and the cable or ADSL modem. You can also check if the power adapter of your router is properly connected to the power supply.

Ensure that you are within the router’s wireless range

Your wireless network’s signal strength is affected by the distance between the router and the wireless device. However, you must avoid placing your wireless device within the wireless dead zone, which is within the 18 inches radius around your router.

Ensure that your router’s firmware is updated

Most wireless connectivity issues are resolved by upgrading your router’s firmware. These firmware upgrades contain fixes for bugs found on your router’s recent firmware. To learn how to upgrade your router, click here.

If you are still having connectivity problems, follow the links below to learn how to resolve your iPad’s connectivity issues.

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