Connecting and configuration tips for your Android™ devices

Below are links to the most common configuration steps for your Android™ smartphones and tablets.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that you have an active Internet connection.

Click on the links below to learn how to perform different configuration procedures for your Android™ devices and applications:

Android™ smartphone
Android™ tablet


Android™ smartphone

Connecting your Android™ smartphone to your wireless network
Connecting your Android™ smartphone to the Guest network
Connecting your Android™ smartphone to a wireless network with SSID broadcast disabled
Changing the Linksys Wi-Fi Router's wireless settings using your Android™ Smartphone
Checking the Linksys router's wireless settings using the Android™ smartphone
Downloading and installing Linksys Connect for Android device
Sending Guest Access settings via email on an Android device using the Linksys Connect
Unable to connect wirelessly with an Android™ smartphone

Android™ tablet

Connecting your Android device to the Wi-Fi
Connecting devices through the Wi-Fi Protected Setup on an Android device using Linksys Connect
Accessing the router’s web-based setup page on an Android tablet
Checking the Linksys Wi-Fi Router’s wireless settings using an Android™ tablet

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