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Automatically upgrading the E4200 v2's firmware through the web-based setup page

The E4200 v 2 has an easy firmware upgrade feature that can be accessed through the web-based setup page.  This feature allows the router to access the Internet to check for firmware updates and when available, download and install it for the router to utilize.  This article will guide you through the process of automatically upgrading the router’s firmware using the web-based setup page.

IMPORTANT:  Other Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers (EA2700, EA3500, and EA4500) also have an Auto Firmware Update feature which automatically upgrades your router to the latest firmware version.  It also allows you to restore to a previously loaded firmware.  To learn how utilize this feature, click here.

NOTE:  If you have upgraded to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi and later you want to rollback your router to its previously loaded firmware, click here for instructions.

The firmware update feature will not work if the router is set in Access Point mode (DHCP disabled).  However, the router can be set to Bridge Mode (Internet Setup) on the Basic Setup page, which has the same functionality as AP mode and can automatically receive firmware updates.  The router also needs to obtain a WAN IP Address through the Internet port for the firmware update to function.  To learn how to set your router to Bridge mode, click here.

Step 1:
Access your router’s web-based setup page.  To do this, open a web browser and enter “myrouter.local” or “” on the Address bar.  Enter the User Name and Password of the router then press [Enter]


User-added image

NOTE:  The default username and password of the E4200 v2 are both admin.  If any of these credentials do not work or you have forgotten them, you may perform any of the following:

  • Check the wireless settings of your Linksys router.  To learn how, click hereIf you are using the Linksys Connect software, click here.
  • Reset the router to factory defaults.  For detailed instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Go to Administration > Firmware Upgrade.


Step 3:
The Online Upgrade option is selected by default.  Click the Check For Updates button.

QUICK TIP:  Enabling the Update Automatically feature will allow the router to regularly check and download updates to ensure your router’s firmware is up to date.

For instructions in upgrading the router’s firmware manually, select Manual Upgrade and refer to the instructions here.

Step 4:
Check first if there is a newer version that is available for you to download.  Click on Update Now to download and install the firmware update.  If your router firmware is up to date, you will see a Your software is up to date message instead.



NOTE:  This process could take several minutes depending on the firmware file size and your Internet connection speed.  Do not interrupt the update process as this could corrupt your firmware.

After the firmware upgrade, click on any tab or refresh the page to display the new Firmware Version visible on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Your router’s firmware has now been updated.

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