EasyLink VPN Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is EasyLink VPN?

EasyLink VPN replaces the conventional complicated VPN setup process by entering Server IP, User Name, and Password.  An LRT router can be an EasyLink VPN Server and an EasyLink VPN Client.  As a Server, the LRT router can accept (inbound) connections from up to five (5) Clients.  As a Client, LRT router can make one (1) (outbound) connection request to a Server.  The authentication between Server and Client is through username and password.

2.  What is the difference between an Inbound and an Outbound EasyLink configuration?

In the web-based setup page of the LRT routers, “Outbound" refers to EasyLink VPN Client configuration and “Inbound" refers to EasyLink VPN Server configuration.

3.  Can I establish an EasyLink connection with IPSec client software?
EasyLink VPN is currently supported by LRT214 and LRT224 routers only.

4.  Is EasyLink for Gateway to Gateway VPNs only?


5.  Is EasyLink just a simplification for IPSec configuration?

Yes, Easylink VPN simplifies site-to-site IPSec configuration between the LRT routers.

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