Linksys WRT002ANT and WRT004ANT Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the Linksys WRT002ANT and WRT004ANT?
The Linksys WRT High Gain Antennas (WRT002ANT and WRT004ANT) are an accessory for the WRT product line which is intended to amplify the transmitting and receiving capabilities of the connected device on the same level.  These antennas are dual-band and mainly improve the range and wireless coverage on the same floor.
2.  What type of connectors can I connect the antennas to?
Your router must have Reverse SMA antenna connectors in order to use the Linksys WRT002ANT and WRT004ANT.
3.  Can I use the antennas on my non-Linksys or Non-Belkin router?
Yes, you can.  The antennas work on any RP-SMA connectors; however, we only provide support on the Linksys devices and not on 3rd party devices.
4.  What is the height of the antennas?
The antennas measure 250 mm each.
5.  Are there any requirements for the antennas?
Yes.  You must have RP-SMA connectors to connect the antennas. 
6.  What is the peak gain of the antennas?
These antennas have peak gains up to 4 dBi on the 2.4 GHz and up to 7 dBi on the 5 GHz band.
7.  Can I use the antennas in my multi-story home?
The improvement of your wireless range and coverage is best on the same floor where the antennas are located.
8.  How many antennas are inside the package?
The WRT002ANT contains 2 antennas while the WRT004ANT has 4 antennas.
9.  Do I need to point the antennas in a certain direction?
Yes.  All antennas MUST be pointing straight up.

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