Getting to know the Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB

The Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine (Linksys WRT32X) uses the Killer™ Prioritization Engine to identify, prioritize, and accelerate your gaming traffic above all other devices and activities on your home Wi-Fi.

The Linksys WRT32X Dual-Band Gaming Router Designed for Xbox (Linksys WRT32XB) features the traffic-exclusive Killer Prioritization Engine that automatically configures a high prioritization for your Xbox®.  

The Linksys WRT32X and WRT32XB have identical hardware and web interface. 
 To learn how to set up the router, click here.  To learn how to set up its settings and features, click here.

Front Panel
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  • Killer Prioritization Engine
  • IEEE 802.11ac
  • Dual-Band N600 + AC2600
  • Pro-grade gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Advanced security
  • Customizable web interface
  • 4 x 4 with Tri-Stream 160 technology
  • Four gigabit Ethernet ports + One gigabit Internet port
  • One USB 3.0 port
  • One eSATA / USB 2.0 port
  • Dual-Core 1.8 GHz processor
  • Beamforming technology
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Open Source-ready firmware
  • Automatic high prioritization for Xbox (for Linksys WRT32XB only)
  • Buttons / Switch
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button
    • Reset button
    • Power switch
  • Antennas - Four external, adjustable, and detachable antennas 
NOTE:  The antennas are adjustable to customize your Wi-Fi signal for single- or multi-story buildings.  To know the correct antenna positioning for your router, click here.
  • USB Ports
    • One USB 3.0 port
    • One eSATA / USB 2.0 port
  • Ports
    • Four gigabit Ethernet ports
    • One gigabit Internet port
    • Power port
  • Power - Output:  12 V, 3 A 
  • Lights - To learn more about your router's lights and their behavior, click here.
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Browser Requirements
  • Latest version of Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari® (for Mac® or iPad®), Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer®
  • Latest Adobe Flash® Player
Killer Prioritization Requirements

The router works with any computer.  To benefit from the automatic Killer Prioritization, you will need a computer or laptop with the following Killer Networking adapters installed:
  • Ethernet:  Killer Ethernet E2500, Killer Ethernet E2400, Killer Ethernet E2200
  • Wi-Fi:  Killer Wireless-AC 1535, Killer Wireless-AC 1435, Killer Wireless-AC 1525, Killer Wireless-N 1102, Killer Wireless-N 1103, Killer Wireless-N 1202
  • Latest Killer Control Center software
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