Getting to know the Linksys Cloud Manager

The Linksys Cloud Manager allows you to monitor your Linksys Business Cloud Access Points, sites, and businesses under one login and easy-to-use dashboard.  With the Linksys Cloud Manager, you can access and manage your networks from anywhere, anytime.  You can even create and assign SSIDs to your devices and add or delete access points in your network.  To set up your Cloud account, click here.
Before you begin:
This article is only for access points being managed by (Cloud Manager 1.0)
Visit the online documentation to learn more about the Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0.

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Linksys Cloud Manager Features:
  • Remote Access - Monitor your networks from anywhere at any time
  • Network Insight - Access real-time statistics into network activity and health
  • Centralized Management - Manage multiple sites from a centralized platform
  • Extensive Scalability - Scale your networks by adding thousands of access points and devices
  • Rapid Deployment - Deploy and configure your networks quickly and easily
  • Zero Touch Provisioning - Access points automatically connect when activated

  • No Operating System (OS) limitations
  • Browser
    • Microsoft Edge® 42 or later
    • Google Chrome™ 67 or later
    • Firefox® 60 or later
    • Safari® 11 or later

Linksys Cloud Manager Dashboard Overview:
  • Networks – allows you to create, delete and manage the settings of your network
  • Overview – provides information on your network, its access points and client devices
  • Access Points – displays a list of all your access points in the network and manages its settings
  • SSIDs – allows you to create and edit wireless profiles of your network
  • Clients – allows you to view the information of the connected clients in your network
  • Settings – allows you to configure the settings of the entire network that you have selected

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