Overview of the Wi-Fi Settings feature on the Linksys app for Velop

This article provides an overview of the Wi-Fi Settings feature on the Linksys app for Velop.

NOTE:  The settings can be configured by tapping on the Menu icon and selecting Wi-Fi Settings.

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Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password
Displays your Wi-Fi credentials.  Tap each field to make changes.
Advanced Wi-Fi Settings

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Security Type

Tap this option to make changes to your security settings.  The options are WPA2/WPA Mixed Personal, WPA2 Personal, or Open.  The default security type (WPA2™ Personal) is recommended.


Wi-Fi Mode

Mixed mode is the only supported option.

Channel Finder

Velop automatically selects the best channel to resolve congestion and interference with other Wi-Fi signals through this feature.

Wi-Fi signals are broadcast on multiple channels.  The Channel Finder will investigate each node in your Velop system to find the channel with the least amount of traffic.  

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NOTE:  All devices will be disconnected temporarily during the scan.  

If better channels are found, the Channel Finder will make the changes for you.  

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However, if you are already using the best channels, the following message will display:

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If your Wi-Fi channels were optimized, you can tap on Technical details to view the new channels.

For example, on the Office node, the 2.4 GHz radio went from Channel 2 to Channel 11 and its 5 GHz radio did not change.  It automatically determines which channels to change based on your environment’s Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).

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If your Wi-Fi channels were not optimized, it will instead display Channel Details similar to the one below:

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Connect a Device with WPS
Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) allows you to easily connect WPS-supported devices to your Wi-Fi without manually configuring security settings.  To access this feature, go to Wi-Fi Settings > Connect a Device With WPS and toggle the switch OFF or ON to disable or enable it.

To add a device, tap on Connect.  You have 2 minutes to push the WPS button on your device to connect it to your Wi-Fi.  To connect using a PIN or if your device asks for a router WPS PIN, tap Use a PIN.  WPS is configured via the Linksys app.  There is no external button on the node itself.

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