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Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 - Creating an organization and a network

The Linksys Business Cloud Access Points provide secure, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced security and management features that allow you to remotely manage organizations, access points, and networks anytime and anywhere.
With the Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0, you can conveniently check and manage your Linksys Business Cloud Access Points’ networks anytime and anywhere. 

To create an organization and a network, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Access the Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0.  For instructions, click here.

NOTE:  If you have not yet created an account, click
here for instructions.

Step 2:
On the next screen, click Create a new organization.

NOTE:  If you've already created an organization, proceed to
Step 4.

User-added image

Step 3:
Enter your preferred organization name and click User-added image.  You can create an unlimited number of organizations.

User-added image

Step 4:
On the Select Organization screen, click on an organization.  

User-added image

Step 5:
You will be redirected to the Create A New Network screen.  Click Create Network.

User-added image

Step 6:
Enter your preferred Network Name in the field then click User-added image.  As with organizations, you can also create an unlimited number of networks within an organization.

User-added image

NOTE:  You can also click on Add a note to add a description for the network.  Selecting an appropriate icon for your network helps for better identification in multiple-network situations.

Step 7:
You will be re-directed to the Devices screen.  

User-added image

Once you have created an organization and network, you can now start adding access points.  For instructions, click here.

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