Linksys MX6200 Velop Pro 6E FAQs

What is the Linksys MX6200?The Linksys MX6200 uses Linksys Cognitive™ Mesh Technology to provide you with an easy way to connect by consistently optimizing connectivity across all your devices.
What is Linksys Cognitive Mesh Technology?Linksys Cognitive Mesh Technology figures everything out for you by making continuous optimizations that improve the connectivity of your devices.
What is Wi-Fi® 6E?Wi-Fi 6E allows you to use the 6 GHz band for your Wi-Fi 6E devices. It can provide more speed, coverage, and capacity for your network allowing you to have gigabit speeds for a faster connection to handle all the latest streaming, gaming, and mobile technology.
Where can I find the node's serial and model numbers?The serial and model numbers are printed on the node's product label.
What is the warranty on the node?The warranty period is dependent on the country of purchase.
Does it have indicator lights?The node has only one status indicator light that gives you information about its operation.
Can the node be wall-mounted?No, this is not supported.
How many ethernet ports are there on the node?It has two ethernet ports:
  • One gigabit ethernet (LAN) port
  • One gigabit internet (WAN) port
What is the Blink node light feature of the Linksys MX6200?The Blink node light feature, when activated, allows you to find a specific node on your network.
What is the Night mode feature?The Night mode feature, when enabled, turns OFF the light on the Linksys MX6200 nodes from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
Are the Night mode and Blink node light features supported on all Linksys Velop models?The Night mode and Blink node light features are only supported on Linksys Cognitive Mesh products such as the Linksys MX6200.

How do I set up the node?You can set up the node in minutes using the Linksys app.
What are the requirements for setting up the node?Below are the requirements for setting up the Linksys MX6200. 
  • Active internet connection
  • Latest Linksys app version
  • Linksys cloud account for remote management
How do I add a child node to the Linksys MX6200?You will have the option to add another Linksys MX6200 as a child node when you set up the parent node for the first time. 

You can also
add a child node to an existing network
 through the Linksys app. To do this, tap the menu icon and go to Set Up a New Product, then follow the on-screen prompts.
Where can I find the node's default WiFi name and password?

The WiFi name and password are printed on the node's product label. The WiFi name is _VelopSetup followed by the last three alphanumeric characters of the node's MAC address. For example, _VelopSetupxxx. Each node has a unique pre-assigned WiFi password.

What is the node's default guest WiFi name?The guest WiFi name is the same name as your main WiFi network with a -guest appended to it. For example, _VelopSetupxxx-guest.

The guest WiFi is a separate network that can be used to share with your guests without providing them with your main WiFi credentials. This feature is disabled by default.
How do I configure the WiFi access for guests?To configure the Guest Access/Guest Network feature on the Linksys app, go to the menu, tap on Guest Network on your iOS device or Guest Access on Android™, toggle the switch to enter your settings, and then tap Save
What is the node's default administrative password?

If the node is set up with the Linksys app, the app will automatically generate a password to secure your node.

You will need to change the password in the app after the node has been set up. You can also change it through the page. If you have never changed the password, it will prompt you for the recovery key on the product label before you can create your new password. 

Does the node support Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) pairing?Yes, it supports WPS paring using the soft button within the Linksys app or the page. This feature is disabled by default. 

What WiFi security modes does the node support?The Linksys MX6200 supports the following settings:
  • WPA2™/WPA3™ Mixed Personal
  • WPA3 Personal Only
  • WPA2 Personal
  • Enhanced Open Only
  • Open and Enhanced Open
  • Open
Does it support Linksys Aware and Linksys Shield?No, these features are not supported.
How do I configure Parental Controls?To learn how to configure Parental Controls, click on the links below: 
What is Safe Browsing?

Safe Browsing provides two security options for the Linksys MX6200. With the latest firmware, it supports both Fortinet® and OpenDNS security features.

When you enable Fortinet Security, the node will use Fortinet DNS server to block adult content. Note that Fortinet Security is NOT supported in PPPoE connections.

When you choose OpenDNS, the node will use OpenDNS servers and This feature blocks pre-defined adult content, also known as Family Shield from OpenDNS. For setups using PPPoE connections, OpenDNS is supported.

What is Linksys Privacy?This is a pledge that Linksys does not track your app usage or online activities, use tracking cookies in any products or apps, nor share or sell your data for marketing purposes.
Does the node support HomeKit®?While the Apple® HomeKit integration feature is not supported, your HomeKit-enabled devices will still function normally as they are treated as regular clients on your network.
Why am I getting a warning when I try to access my node settings in a browser? When you use HTTP instead of HTTPS to log in using a web browser, a block screen will display. You get this warning because browsers look for signed security certificates associated with websites you're trying to visit. Your node isn't a website and doesn't have that type of certificate, but there's no need to be concerned. Your connection is secure and encrypted. You can either follow the on-screen instructions to log in or simply use HTTPS.

Can I use the Linksys MX6200 in a network that has Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh technology nodes?No, Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh products are not compatible with Linksys Cognitive Mesh products. 
After I set up my node with the Linksys app, there are nodes in “Connecting” status in the Networking Administration section of the app. How do I check if they are connected to the parent node? After you have finished setting up your parent and child nodes through the Linksys app, the child nodes will need a few minutes to connect. Once the child nodes are connected to the network, they will have a solid white light. The app will also update each node's status after the connection is made.
I’m trying to add more nodes to my network, but the nodes are not being detected. What can I do to add them?To set up your child nodes, make sure that they are near the parent node (node connected to your modem) preferably in the same room, and no more than 10 ft away from the parent node. Once they have been added, you can move them to other locations as needed.
How do I reset the node?To reset the node, press and hold the reset button for 10-20 seconds.

When you press and hold the reset button, you will see a red light in a fading pattern. When the fading pattern has stopped, which takes about 10 seconds, the light will turn OFF. Once this happens, release the reset button and wait for the node to boot up. 
How do I upgrade the node’s firmware?The node has a feature that automatically installs the latest firmware overnight and the upgrade only takes a few minutes. 
How do I check the node's firmware version?You can check the firmware version through the page or the Linksys app.
Does this node support IPv6 RD for its internet connection?Yes. It supports IPv6 RD and 6to4 tunneling.
I have Linksys MBE7000 and MX6200 nodes in my home. What is the best way to set them up?It is highly recommended to use the Linksys MBE7000 as the parent node for better WiFi performance. You will need to reset your existing nodes and set them up all over again.

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