Configuring the Guest Network feature through a web browser

This article will teach you how to configure the Guest Network feature for a Linksys Cognitive™ Mesh network using a web browser. You can also log in to the Linksys app to set up this feature.


There is only one guest WiFi for your network. The default guest WiFi name is either Linksysxxxxx-guest or _VelopSetupxxx-guest. Feel free to personalize this setting as well as the guest password to create a secure WiFi for your guests. 




1. Log in to the router’s web interface.


2. Under Smart Wi-Fi Tools, click Guest Access.




3. By default, Guest Access is turned OFF. Toggle ON the switch to enable it.




To disable Guest Access, turn OFF the toggle switch.


4. Click Edit, create a guest WiFi name and password, and then click Ok to apply the changes.


The guest WiFi on your node is now configured and ready for connection.

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