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Resetting the PrintServer’s Administrator Password

Linksys PrintServers have security settings such as the administrator password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the PrintServer’s web-based setup page.  However, if you have lost or forgotten your PrintServer’s administrator password, it is best to reset the PrintServer to factory default.  This article will guide you in resetting your PrintServer to factory default settings.

NOTE:  Resetting the PrintServer to factory default will delete all of its current settings.  After resetting, the PrintServer will be using a dynamic IP Address and the password will be the default password “admin”.

To know how to reset your PrintServer to factory defaults, follow these steps:

NOTE: Take note of the current settings of the device before resetting so it would be easier for you to re-set up your router.

Step 1:
Unplug the PrintServer.

Step 2:
Press and hold the Reset button at the back of the PrintServer and power it back ON.

Step 3:
Continue pressing the button for 10 seconds.

Your PrintServer should now be reset to factory defaults.

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