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Adding a media folder on the Linksys X-series Gateway

You can use your Linksys X-series Gateway as a media server for UPnP AV-enabled (or DLNA Certified®) devices in your home.  Examples of UPnP AV-enabled devices include digital media adapters, game consoles with built-in media players and digital picture frames. 
NOTE:  Before proceeding make sure that you have connected the USB drive or USB External Hard Disk Drive to the USB port located on the back of your gateway.  To add a media folder, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Access the web-based setup page of your gateway.  For instructions, click here.
NOTE:  For instructions on how to access the gateway’s setup page using a Mac® computer, click here.
Step 2:
On the Setup page, click the Storage > Media Server.
User-added image

NOTE:  The UPnP Media Server is Enabled by default.
Step 3:
In the Database section, click Specify Folder to Scan to add a media folder to the Database table.

User-added image
The Media Folder window will appear.
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If you already have a specific folder on your drive:
  • Enter the name for the media folder in the Display Name field.
  • Click Enter Into Folder to navigate to your drive and select the desired folder. In this example we selected Videos.
NOTE:  If you want to share the entire partition just tick the Share Entire Partition checkbox.  You may need to click on Enter into folder if you are located at the root of the folder if it’s preventing from you to check the Share Entire Partition option.
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Step 4:
Click Select then, click Enter into Folder to display its sub-folders.
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NOTE:  To return to the previous folder, click Return to Upper Folder.
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Step 5:
Click User-added image.  

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Your specified folder should now appear on the Database table.  Click Save Settings to apply your changes.

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