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Creating an FTP folder using the Linksys X-series Gateway

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server feature allows you to host files that can be accessed remotely using through the Internet or through your local network.  The Linksys X3000, X3500, and X6200 Gateways come with this FTP Server function. 

Before proceeding ensure the following:
  • That you have created a group with permission.  To learn more about creating a new group with permission, click here.
  • That you have connected the USB drive or USB External Hard Disk Drive on the USB port located on your gateway.
To create a media folder using your Linksys X-series gateways, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Access the web-based setup page of your gateway.  For instructions, click here.
NOTE:  For instructions on how to access the gateway’s setup page using a Mac® computer, click here.
Step 2:
On the Setup page, click Storage > FTP Server.
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Step 3:
You can choose to keep the default FTP Server Name or change it.
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NOTE:  The default server name of the gateway is LinksysXXXXX, where XXXXX is the gateway's model number.
Step 4:
Select the Enabled radio button to use the gateway as an FTP server.
IMPORTANT:  An external USB hard drive or USB disk drive must be connected to the USB port of the gateway.
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Step 5:
Enter the port number in the FTP Port field.
NOTE:  The default FTP port number is 21.
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IMPORTANT:  The Linksys X-series supports different character sets for the transfer of files in different languages.  Select the appropriate character encoding set: Unicode (UTF-8), Chinese Simplified (GB18030), Vietnamese (CP1258), or ISO8859_1.  The default is Unicode (UTF-8).

Step 6:
Enable the Anonymous FTP (Read only disk access) if you wish to limit Read Only access for Anonymous FTP logins by clicking the Enabled radio button.  The Anonymous FTP is Disabled by default.

Step 7:
Click Specify Folder to select a folder for FTP access.
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The FTP Folder window will appear.
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Step 8:
Enter your preferred Display Name in the field.
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Step 9:
Select a specific Folder for FTP client access or click Enter into Folder to display its sub-folders for your selection.
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Step 10:
Select a group with the desired permissions for this folder and click Save Settings.

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NOTE: To edit the permission of a group, go to Storage>Administration.  To learn more about creating a new group with permission, click here.
Step 11:
Enter your desired New Folder name in the field.  Then click Create.

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Your new folder should now appear on the list.
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Step 12:
In the Access section, you can add or remove group access from the Available Groups and Groups with Access by clicking the >> and <<buttons.

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Step 13:
Click User-added image to apply your changes.

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