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RMA Frequently Asked Questions (UK)

I. Requesting your Replacement
II. Standard Replacement FAQs


I.  Requesting your Replacement

A.  Starting the Replacement Process

1.  How do I request a replacement?
If you think your product is defective and would like to request a replacement, you can contact us and we will assess your product’s condition and eligibility for replacement.

2.  I have my RMA number.  What happens next?
If eligible, you will receive an RMA number and can begin the process of selecting your desired shipping method.

B.  Standard Replacement Shipping

1.  What is the Standard Replacement process?
With the Standard Replacement process, you will ship your defective product to Linksys within 30 days of completing the replacement request.  Once Linksys receives the defective product, we will ship your replacement.
II.  Standard Replacement FAQs

A.  Shipping the Defective Unit

1.  How do I return my defective unit?
Package your return unit(s) in one box.  Please make sure the contents are secure and that enough packaging material is included to prevent the unit(s) from moving around during shipping.
IMPORTANT:  All original Linksys accessories, such as power adapters, couplers/dongles, and antennas MUST BE RETURNED with the product.

2.  Where do I ship my defective unit?
Please ship the defective unit(s) to the address below:
Belkin Ltd C/O DHL Supply Chain
2 Pendeen Crescent

Snelshall East
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

3.  The defective unit is part of a kit, should I send the whole kit?
If you are replacing a product that belongs to a networking kit, only return the defective product listed on the previous web form belonging to the networking kit.  Please do not include the working product.
4.  I have installed internal accessories in the defective unit, should I remove them before sending?
Linksys is NOT responsible for lost or damaged personal accessories.  If you have attached any accessories that did not come with the original product, please remove these items prior to returning your unit(s).  In addition, if your product uses any internal fiber modules, please remove these items also, unless they are listed as one of the products on the RMA web form.
5.  Can Linksys keep the data stored on the hard drive of my defective unit?
Linksys is NOT responsible for data stored on the hard drive of the defective unit.  If the defective unit has a hard drive and it cannot easily be removed from the defective unit, back up your data prior to shipping the defective unit to Linksys.

6.  Do you offer substitutions, credits, or upgrades for devices under warranty?
Linksys does NOT offer substitutions, credits, or upgrades for devices under warranty.
7.  Do you accommodate walk-in customers?
Linksys is not able to accommodate walk-in customers.
8.  What happens if my device gets lost or damaged while in transit?
Linksys is NOT responsible for lost or physically damaged packages in transit.  Please obtain a tracking number as a safeguard for your shipment.  Linksys strongly suggests using a reputable shipping company that will provide a tracking number and will insure the package.

B.  Processing the Replacement Unit

1.  Is there any fee for the Standard Replacement option?
In the Standard Replacement option, the customer bears the cost of sending the defective unit(s) to Linksys.  Linksys bears the cost of shipping the replacement unit to the customer (DHL Ground) unless the expedited shipping option is chosen at the time the RMA is created.
2.  How long does it take for you to ship the replacement unit?
It usually takes 2 business days to ship the replacement unit, after the defective unit has arrived at the warehouse.
3.  What happens in the event of a backorder?
In the event of a backorder on your replacement product, units will ship when available.  The shipping method will remain the same as the option selected at the time the RMA was created.
4.  Can I change the shipping method for the replacement unit?
If you wish to change the shipping method, you MUST contact the Linksys Customer Service Department before the replacement unit is shipped.  Once the replacement unit has shipped, expedited shipping payments cannot be refunded.

C.  Setting Up the Replacement Unit

1.  How do I know if the replacement unit is working properly?
While we put all our replacement products through rigorous testing, you will also need to test and verify that the unit is working properly once received.
2.  What if my replacement unit has damaged or missing parts?
Damaged or missing part(s) must be reported within 5 business days of receiving the replacement unit(s).
3.  I still have the original power supply of my defective unit; however, the replacement unit comes with a new one.  Which one should I use?
If your unit uses a power supply, make sure to use the power supply that comes with the replacement unit, and not the original power supply.

D.  Customer Service Contact Information

1.  How do I contact your Customer Service Department?
If you have any questions regarding your replacement unit, contact us within 5 business days of receipt of your product.  For questions about products for home, you can also email RMA@Linksys.com.  For replacement help specifically with our business line of products, you can call 2036847926.

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