Checking the Internet IP Address using your Linksys cloud account

The Internet IP Address is the public IP given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  It can be found in the Troubleshooting Tool of your Linksys cloud account.
Why do you need to check the Internet IP Address?

Checking the Internet IP Address of your router is important especially in hosting a game, connecting to a peer-to-peer chat, file sharing, video conferencing and troubleshooting with your ISP.
Step 1:
Launch a web browser and access your Linksys cloud account.  To learn how, click here.
Step 2:
On the navigation pane under Router Settings, click Troubleshooting.
Step 3:
Click the Diagnostics tab.
Step 4:
Under the Internet Address section, look for theIPv4 or IPv6 Addresses.
NOTE:  In this example, the Internet IP Address in IPv4 is  To release this IP Address and reassign it, click Release and Renew.  This option will renew your Internet Address or will give you a new set of numbers.
Expanding your network

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