Wireless client stays connected to a farther Velop node while roaming

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Scenario:  My wireless client stays connected to a farther node of the Velop network as I roam around the house.

Wireless clients such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets have Wi-Fi drivers that dictate roaming characteristics (when to associate and connect to another Access Point, roaming aggressiveness, etc.).  The Velop system supports roaming but does not dictate how or when wireless clients roam.  When we roam around the house with wireless clients, we may see a wireless client stay connected to a node that is farther instead of a node that is closer.

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This occurs based on the roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client.  The closer your RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) level is to zero, the stronger your signal.  For some devices, if RSSI levels fall below -70 dBm, it triggers the wireless client to search for another node that is closer.  If the RSSI levels don’t fall below -70 dBm, the wireless client will not connect to another node even if that other node is closer.
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If you are experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds while roaming certain areas in the network, we recommend turning the Wi-Fi OFF on your device and turning it back ON.  For complete instructions, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
On your device, tap Settings.

Step 2:
Tap Wi-Fi.

Step 3:
Toggle the switch to turn the Wi-Fi OFF.
Step 4:
Toggle the
switch again to turn the Wi-Fi ON.
Based on the behavior and RSSI of the device, this should force it to connect to a stronger node with a better RSSI level. 

QUICK TIP:  If you would like to view the RSSI levels of your Android™ device, you can install the Wifi Analyzer from the Google Play™ store.  To download, click here.

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