Setting up your mesh WiFi with an iOS mobile device

Setting up your mesh WiFi is easy through the Linksys app.  The Linksys app provides an animated guide and automatically identifies the nodes to be set up making the process secure, seamless, and simple.  Follow the steps below to set up the parent node using an iOS device.


1.  Latest Linksys app version
2.  Latest iOS mobile device 
3.  A working internet connection via a modem or modem router (gateway)


Step 1:
Power ON your node and wait for the light to turn solid purple.

Step 2:
Once the light on the node is solid purple, open the Linksys app and tap on Set up a New Wi-Fi Network.


Step 3:
Tap on Whole Home Mesh WiFi (Velop).


Step 4:
Turn ON Bluetooth® if prompted.

NOTE:  If you prefer to set up your node without Bluetooth, click
here to set up your node via WiFi instead.  You will need to connect your mobile device to the default WiFi name/password located at the bottom of your node.


Step 5
Tap It's Plugged In.


Step 6:
Once plugged in, tap on Next.  Then, follow the rest of the wiring instructions.


Step 7:
Position your node accordingly then tap Next.


Step 8:
On the next screen, tap It's In the Open.


Step 9:
Follow the on-screen instructions then tap It's Connected.



Step 10: 
If the light has started to flash purple tap Yes, it's Blinking Purple.  Otherwise tap No, It's Not Blinking Purple for further instructions.

NOTE:  If you have other nodes turned ON with purple lights, turn them OFF for now until your parent node is set up.


Step 11: 
Setup will check for internet connection.


NOTE:  If the internet connection is not detected especially for PPPoE connections or if you have a Static WAN IP address, you will be prompted to check your wiring.  If a connection is still not found, the screen below will display.


Tap on Do you have ISP settings to enter? and select your internet connection.



Step 12:
Create a Linksys cloud account or tap Log in here to enter your existing account credentials.


Step 13:
Wait for the node to be linked to your account.


Step 14:
Personalize your WiFi by entering your preferred settings and tapping Next.


Step 15:
Select a location for the node then tap Next.


NOTE:  If you want to customize your node's name, tap Name it something else and enter your preferred name.

Step 16:
Success!  You have set up the node.  Tap Next.


Step 17:
If you need to add another node, tap on Add a Node.  Otherwise, tap That's it for Now.  You can always add more nodes later.


Step 18:
Updates for the node will automatically happen overnight.  The node can also report crashes to Linksys to make your WiFi better.  Tap on Next to continue.


Step 19:
Your WiFi should now be ready!  Tap Go to Dashboard to see the status of your connection and devices.


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