Overview of the Linksys app dashboard of the mesh WiFi for iOS mobile devices

The Linksys app dashboard is your router's homepage.  Here, you can see the internet connection status, the number of devices connected to the network, and other features to help you manage you home WiFi.  


To learn how to access the Linksys app dashboard of your router, click here.  

WiFi name and internet connection status

The dashboard will display the node's WiFi name and the status of the internet connection whether it is online or offline.


Devices and nodes

This section displays the number of clients and nodes that are connected to your network.  Tap on DEVICE/S to manage your devices.


You will see a red outline on the node if the network status is offline. 


If the network status is online yet there is a red outline on the node, this means that a child node is offline.


Tap on NODE/S to take you to the Network Administration section where you can select the offline node and remove it or go through a set of steps to diagnose or reconnect the node.

The dashboard will also show you if your network is on bridge mode.

Internet Speed
The Internet Speed feature is also on the dashboard.  You can tap on it to check the internet connection speed and the result will be displayed on the dashboard.

Last Five Connections

The dashboard will also show the last five clients who have connected or are currently connected to the network along with their online/offline status, their signal strength, and the radio band they're connected to.

Parental Controls

Tap on Parental Controls to manage your kid's internet use. 


The number of clients you configured will appear on the dashboard.

Guest Network

Tap on Guest Network to let your guests connect to your WiFi. 


Once enabled, you will see a blue dot in this section.

Share Wi-Fi

Tap on Share Wi-Fi to share your WiFi credentials via text, email or to save a copy on your phone.

Internet Slow?

Does your internet seem slow?  Tap on Internet Slow? for some suggestions to try.  If you need more help, you can tap on the Contact us link.

Give Feedback

You can tap on Give Feedback to tell Linksys what you think of the app.



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