How to add or remove motion-sensing devices on Linksys Aware

This article will guide you on how to add or remove Linksys Aware motion-sensing devices.

Below are some helpful tips for selecting devices:


  • Only choose devices for a location where you care about detecting motion.  Having just a few motion-sensing devices is recommended.  
  • To prevent overlap and interference, make sure each device is at least 15 ft away from other motion-sensing devices on your system.
  • Choose devices that are not hidden behind obstacles like a TV or inside a closet.  Limit the number of walls between each device.
  • Choose devices that are centrally located in a room and not next to walls shared with neighbors.
  • Do not choose devices that are battery-operated.
  • You can add up to three devices per node.
  • To detect location-specific motion, you need at least three devices.

Adding compatible smart home devices to act as motion sensing devices

Step 1:
If you have not subscribed to Linksys Aware yet, make sure to subscribe first.  For instructions, click

Step 2: 
In the Linksys Aware screen, click on the menu User-added image icon.

User-added image

NOTE:  If you are on any of the following screens, tap either See Devices I Can Add or Check for Compatible Devices.  Linksys Aware will automatically start scanning for devices on your network.

 User-added image User-added image
Step 3: 
Click on Add smart home device

User-added image

Step 4: 
You can either wait until the scan is complete or start adding devices.  Then, scroll to the bottom and click Add.

QUICK TIP:  You can add up to three compatible devices per node.

User-added image

You have now added additional motion devices.

Removing a motion-sensing device

Step 1:
Click on the menu User-added image icon within Linksys Aware.

User-added image

Step 2:
From the Manage Devices list, tap on the ellipsis icon next to the device that you want to remove and then tap on Remove device.

User-added image

Step 3:
Tap on Remove device one more time to confirm.

User-added image

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