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How to pause internet access using the Parental Controls feature

Pausing internet access is easy using the Parental Controls feature on the Linksys app.
Step 1:
Go to the Parental Controls section of your Linksys app.  If you haven’t set up Parental Controls on any devices, tap Control a Device

NOTE:  Some details on the Linksys app images may vary depending on the version running on your phone and model number of your router or node.  It is recommended to install the latest Linksys app version on your phone.
User-added image
If you've already set Parental Controls on one or more devices, select one of them from the list or tap on Add a device to select a new device.
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Step 2:
Select a device from the list.

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Step 3:
Tap on Pause Internet Access or the pause button to pause the internet connection for the device.

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The device will then show a red bar with the Internet paused message and the Pause Internet Access option will change to Resume Internet Access.  To resume access, tap on Resume Internet Access or on the play button.

User-added image
Below is how the paused device will appear on the Parental Controls screen. 
User-added image

This is how the paused device will appear on the dashboard.
User-added image
To check the internet connection status on the device, open a new browser and try to connect to the internet.  It should no longer have internet access.  To resume access again, simply tap on the play button next to the device and then tap on Resume Internet Access or the play button. 

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