Setting up your Velop system to Bridge Mode

When on Bridge Mode, your Velop will not have its own separate network.  All nodes and client devices connected to your Velop's Wi-Fi or to the existing modem-router (gateway) will be on the same network and can communicate with other devices within the network.  This article will show you how to set up your Velop to Bridge Mode.

Before you begin:
  • You must first install your Velop by following the standard setup process.  Click here for iOS instructions and here for Android™.  Once your Velop is set up, only then can you switch to Bridge Mode. 
  • Make sure that you install the latest version of the Linksys app on your mobile device. 
  • Your mobile device must be connected to your Velop's Wi-Fi.  You will NOT be able to change the connection type to Bridge Mode if you are remotely connected to the node.

Things to remember:
  • After you switch to Bridge Mode, all other connected child nodes will also work on Bridge Mode.
  • You may add more child nodes by selecting the option to Set up a New Product on the Linksys app.

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  • If you want to change your connection type to the previous mode or disable Bridge Mode, go to the Linksys app and tap the Menu icon > Advanced Settings > Internet Settings then select Connection Type > Disable Bridge Mode
  • Some features will be disabled on Bridge Mode.  These include Parental Controls, Device Prioritization, custom internal IP addresses, and other advanced features.


NOTE:  Steps and images may vary depending on the operating system of your mobile device.  In most of the examples below, an iOS device is used.

Step 1:
Log in to the dashboard of the Linksys app.  If you are using an iOS device, click
here for instructions.  If you are using an Android device, click here

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Step 2:
Tap the Menu User-added image icon.

Step 3:
Tap on Advanced Settings.

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Step 4:
Tap on Internet Settings.

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Step 5:
Tap on Connection Type

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Step 6:
Change the Connection Type to Bridge Mode, then tap Save.

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NOTE:  If you don’t see the Bridge Mode option, make sure you are using the latest Linksys app version and your Velop nodes have the latest firmware.

Step 7:
Tap Enable Bridge Mode when you are ready.

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While saving your settings, your devices may disconnect temporarily.  

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You should be able to see a notification indicating that settings have been successfully saved. 

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The dashboard should display that your Velop system is now on Bridge Mode.  


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Once the parent node is on Bridge Mode, it must always be connected via an ethernet cable to your existing router.  The child nodes can be connected either via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable.

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