What are the different passwords I might have related to Linksys and Linksys products?

Linksys requires various passwords for the easy and secure management of your network or account. If you aren’t sure which one to enter when asked, see the descriptions below. All of your passwords can be different, or they can be the same.

1. WiFi password

Your WiFi password is created during the setup process of your router. This can be changed at any time in the
LinksysSmartWiFi.com page or the Linksys app. The WiFi password, along with the WiFi name, is what you would use to connect your WiFi-capable devices (like a laptop or a smart phone) to the internet.

2. Linksys app and LinksysSmartWiFi.com password

You can access your Linksys cloud account using the Linksys app or the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page with a password. This password is paired with an email address to easily and securely access your router’s settings.

The username and password are created at different points depending on the product.
  • Velop systems: At the start of the Linksys app’s setup wizard.
  • Standard routers: After setting up in the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page.

3. Admin password

When the Linksys cloud server is down for maintenance or your router is not connected to the internet, you need another way to securely access your WiFi settings. The admin password is your way in. Make sure that you are connected to the WiFi broadcasted by the router or Velop system you want to access before you can use the admin password.

You create the admin password at different points depending on whether you are setting up a Velop system with the Linksys app or the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page.
  • Velop systems: The admin password is created for you in the Linksys app’s setup wizard. Change it when logging into the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page under Connectivity.
  • Standard routers: The setup wizard will ask you to create an admin password. If you set up manually, the default password is admin.

4. Linksys.com ecommerce password

Many users create consumer accounts at Linksys.com. The benefits of registering at our website include fast checkout for purchases, order tracking, wish lists, and expedited customer service.

NOTE: You do not need to have a Linksys cloud account in order to shop or use our support pages.

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