How to log in to the Linksys Mesh Router's web interface

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The recommended method to manage and set up your Mesh Router is through the Linksys app.  If you need to access the web interface of your Linksys Mesh Router, follow the instructions below.

NOTE:  Before you begin, make sure that you have already set up the router using the Linksys app and that your devices are connected to your router's network.  Click the setup link that applies to you below:

iOS setup instructions
Android™ setup instructions


Step 1:
Launch a web browser, enter your router’s IP address in the Address bar and hit [ENTER].

NOTE:  The default IP address is  You can also check your router's IP address using the Linksys app.  To do this, go to Dashboard > Menu > Network Administration.
Step 2:
Click on the mobile phone image on your page or click on the Continue to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi link.

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Step 3:
There are two ways you can access the web interface:

a.  You can enter your account credentials, then click Sign In.  
b.  You can also click the link next to For local access, enter your admin password in the field, and then click Sign In.

NOTE:  You may get prompted to enter a five-digit recovery key.  This key code can be found on the product label of your router.  You will then be prompted to type in your router’s new admin password and hint.  This prompt appears when you have not customized your router password through the Linksys app.
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Step 4:
You will be redirected to the router’s web interface.
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You have successfully logged in to your Linksys Mesh Router’s web interface.

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