Adding child nodes through the 5-Press Setup Method

The 5-Press Setup Method for Velop is the fastest way of adding child nodes using the reset button. Follow the instructions below to know how.

Before you begin:
  • Make sure you have a parent node connected to your modem or modem router with an internet connection.
  • Update your Velop to firmware version or later.


Step 1:
Place the child nodes right next to the parent node.

NOTE: All child nodes must be on default settings (not yet configured).
Step 2:
Power ON all the child nodes that are not yet configured. Wait until the light on top of each node turns solid purple.
Step 3:
Press the reset button of the parent node five times within 5 seconds.

User-added image

Within a minute, the child nodes will start responding one after the other. The light on top of every child node will start flashing purple and then to a sequence of color change (white/purple/red). After 3 minutes, the child nodes should start showing a solid blue light one after the other indicating that they are already added to the Velop network. This could take a while so give the devices enough time to respond. The following scenarios may also happen:
  • If none of the child nodes is responding, go back to Step 3.
  • If a node responded with a blinking purple light but never showed a solid blue light, check the Linksys app to verify if the node is already added to the network by going to Velop Administration. If it is, reboot the child node to get the right light color.

Step 4:
Once all the child nodes’ lights are solid blue, you may now place them on your preferred locations. Make sure to rename the node/s location in the Linksys app.

NOTE: You may also run the Channel Finder to select the channel with the least amount of traffic for each node in your Velop system. For instructions, click