How to log in to the Linksys app dashboard using your iOS mobile device

The Linksys app dashboard is your Velop system's homepage. Here, you can see the internet connection status, the number of devices connected to the network, and other features to help you manage you home WiFi. This article will show you how to access the dashboard of the Linksys app using your iOS device.


1. An iOS mobile device with the latest Linksys app version
2. A Linksys cloud account


Step 1:
Connect your mobile device to your Velop's WiFi and launch the Linksys app.

Step 2:
Tap on Manage Your Wi-Fi.

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Step 3:
Enter your Linksys server account credentials and tap on Log in. To log in locally, tap on Router Password.

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NOTE: If you don’t have an account, tap on Create an account. Enter the required details, tap on Create Account, and follow the on-screen instructions for creating your account.

Step 4:
If you have existing multiple networks, select a network to continue.

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Step 5:
If your Velop is not yet associated to your account, you will be prompted to add or set up your Velop. Select the applicable option and follow the on-screen instructions to link the node to your account.

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Step 6:
After logging in, you will be taken directly to the Linksys app dashboard. To see more Linksys app features, tap on the menu icon on the top left-hand side.

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Linksys app features

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Your WiFi name will appear on top of the menu list. The Devices section will display the total number of connected clients. The number of clients configured with the Parental Controls feature will also be displayed.
Features that are in some Velop models, such as the External Storage, will be displayed in this section as well. Other features are the following: Wi-Fi Settings, Guest Network, Device Prioritization, Notifications, Network Administration, Advanced Settings, Set up a New Product, and Help.
If your node is on bridge mode, the following features will not be supported and will be greyed out: Devices, Parental Controls, and Device Prioritization.

The Notifications option will not be available if you are logged in locally. To log out of the app, tap on
Account > Log Out if you logged in with your account credentials. Tap on Log Out if you are logged in with your admin password.

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