Changing the wireless settings of your router using the Linksys app

Configuring your wireless settings is important to ensure that your wireless network is safe from unauthorized access and intrusions. With the Linksys app, changing the wireless settings of your network is now easier and more convenient.

IMPORTANT: Changing your wireless settings may cause your wireless clients to disconnect from the router. Depending on the changes that you’ve made, you may need to reconnect your wireless clients with the new settings.

NOTE: Steps and images may vary depending on the operating system of your mobile device. In the examples below, iOS and Android devices are used.

Step 1:
Connect your mobile device to your router's Wi-Fi then open the Linksys app.

Step 2:
For iOS, tap Manage Your Wi-Fi. For Android, tap Log in.

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Step 3:
You will be prompted to log in using your Linksys server account. Enter the necessary credentials and tap Log in.

NOTE: You can also choose to log in using your Router Password.

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Step 4:
On the Dashboard, tap the menu icon on the upper-left corner.

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Step 5:
Tap Wi-Fi Settings.

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Step 6:
Tap the field you want to change then tap Save once done. Wait for the settings to be saved successfully then reconnect all wireless devices, if necessary.
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The Advanced Wi-Fi Settings section on each network band also allows you to configure other settings such as Security Type, Wi-Fi Mode, Channel width, Channel and Broadcast SSID. Each time you make changes, ensure to tap Save for the setting to take effect. Otherwise, tap on Cancel to discontinue the changes. You can also tap the bottom bar to turn off the network band of your choice.
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You should now have successfully changed your router's wireless settings using the Linksys app.

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