Overview of the Wi-Fi Settings feature on the Linksys app for mesh system

This article provides an overview of the Wi-Fi Settings feature on the Linksys app for Linksys Intelligent Mesh.

To configure the settings, tap on the menu icon and select Wi-Fi Settings.


Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password
Displays your WiFi credentials. Tap each field to make changes. Tap on the Share icon to share your WiFi credentials via text, email, or copy to a clipboard.
Advanced Wi-Fi Settings

Security Type

Tap this option to make changes to your security settings. The options are WPA2/WPA Mixed Personal, WPA2 Personal, and Open. The default security type (WPA2™ Personal) is recommended.

Wi-Fi Mode

Mixed mode is the only supported option.

Channel Finder

It automatically selects the best channel to resolve congestion and interference with other WiFi signals through this feature.

WiFi signals are broadcast on multiple channels. The Channel Finder will investigate each node in your mesh system to find the channel with the least amount of traffic.


All devices will be disconnected temporarily during the scan.

If better channels are found, the Channel Finder will make the changes for you.


However, if you are already using the best channels, the following message will display:


If your WiFi channels were optimized, you can tap on Technical details to view the new channels.

For example, on the Office node, the 2.4GHz radio went from Channel 2 to Channel 11 and its 5GHz radio did not change. It automatically determines which channels to change based on your environment’s Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).


If your WiFi channels were not optimized, it will instead display Channel Details similar to the one below:


Connect a Device with WPS
Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) allows you to easily connect WPS-supported devices to your WiFi without manually configuring security settings. To access this feature, go to Wi-Fi Settings > Connect a Device With WPS and toggle the switch OFF or ON to disable or enable it.

To add a device, tap on Connect. You have 2 minutes to push the WPS button on your device to connect it to your WiFi. To connect using a PIN or if your device asks for your router's WPS PIN, tap Use a PIN.


With the latest firmware of Linksys WHW03, the WPS is disabled by default. To use this feature, you will need to first enable it.

There is no external button on the Linksys WHW03. The WPS feature is configured via the Linksys app.