Overview of the Velop Administration feature

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Use the Network Administration screen to change the Velop admin password and hint, turn ON automatic firmware updates, and check various identifiers (model number, serial number, and IP details) for all nodes.​

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List of nodesA list of nodes appears by the location name you selected during setup. To view individual information about each node or to change the name, tap on a node.
  • Serial number, model number, firmware version, and IP address will be displayed per node.
  • Child nodes display only the LAN IP address, while a parent node displays both WAN and LAN IP addresses.
  • If you scroll down to the bottom, the child node will display which parent node it is connected to.
Parent NodeThe parent node is the first node on the list. This is the node connected to your entire Velop network.
  • Tap the parent node to view the serial number, model number, and firmware version.
  • A parent node will display both WAN and LAN IP Addresses.

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Child NodeAll other nodes are considered child nodes. A child node will display the same information as the parent node except for the WAN IP address.

At the bottom, it will display which parent node your child node is connected to.

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Change Velop Password and HintTap to change your Velop’s admin password and hint.

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  • The admin password is shared across all nodes in your Velop network.
  • This admin password is useful in the event that the cloud is unavailable. You can still log in to your Velop network through the app using the local admin password.

NOTE: A secure password has been automatically created during setup. It is recommended that you change your admin password. In the event you are asked for a recovery key, it is located on the product label at the bottom or at the back of your node (depending on the model).
Automatic Firmware UpdateBy default, automatic firmware update is turned ON.
Time ZoneDisplays the current time zone set on Velop. Tap to change the time zone if needed.
Diagnostic InformationTurned ON by default and contributes to future improvements.
Manually report a specific IssueIf you would like to provide feedback on a specific issue, feel free to report it.

NOTE: The feedback is only a one-way report.

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IP DetailsThis section displays a summary of your Velop IP Address details. The following is read only information. If you need to make changes, go to Advanced Settings > Internet Settings or Local Network Settings.
  • Displays your internet connection type
  • Displays your WAN IP Address (Release and renew option)
  • Displays a list of your nodes and their IP Addresses

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Restart VelopTap to restart your entire Velop network.

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