How to enable IPTV on your PCCW ISP node

You can enable the IPTV feature of the Linksys EA9350 v3 and MX4050 if you have a PCCW IPTV subscription. Follow the steps below to learn how.

The router's default IP address will change from to once you enable the IPTV feature.


Access the page using your Linksys cloud account.

2. Under the Router Settings menu, click on Wi-Fi Settings.


3. Go to the Advanced tab and toggle the switch to the ON position under IPTV Configuration.


4. Note the new changes after enabling the IPTV feature. Once you're ready, click Enable.

  • Once you enable this feature, the default IP address of the router will change to
  • You will also need to disconnect your WiFi devices and reconnect them again so they can obtain an IP address from within the range.
  • If you have devices with static IP addresses, you will need to reconfigure them to use the new IP address range.