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WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander and Wireless MAC Filtering

 The Wireless MAC Filter feature found in Linksys wireless routers and access points allows you to control which wireless computers or devices may or may not communicate on your wireless network depending on their MAC address.

 This image below is the Wireless MAC Filter feature of a Linksys Wireless Router:

However, when wireless clients are connecting to a wireless network through a WRE54G Range Expander, their MAC address is not seen by the main wireless router or access point.  Instead, the MAC address of the WRE54G is transmitted and it is considered a client.
As a result, Wireless MAC Filtering on the main wireless router or access point will have no effect on clients connecting through a WRE54G Range Expander.  If you have prevented a specific computer or device from accessing the wireless network by using its MAC address and the Prevent method, they will still be able to access the network by connecting to the WRE54G Range Expander.
NOTE:  If you specify the MAC address of the WRE54G using the Prevent method, you will block all clients that are connecting to the Range Expander from accessing the wireless network.


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