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Getting to Know EZXS16W Switch

Front Panel



  • Power (Green) - Each time your switch powers up, it will run a diagnostic/self-test.  After the test, the Power LED will ight up and will stay ON while the Switch is powered ON.
  • Link/Act (Green) - This LED lights up solid when the switch is connected to a device through the Ethernet port.  If the LED is flashing, the switch is sending or receiving data over that port.
  • 100 (Green) - This LED indicates the speed of the connection over the Ethernet port.  When the LED lights up, the speed is 100 Mbps, otherwise, the speed is 10 Mbps.
  • FD/Col (Green) - This LED indicates if the Ethernet port is in full or half duplex mode.  When the LED is lit, the mode is Full Duplex, otherwise, the mode is Half Duplex.  When the LED flashes, the port has a data collision error; check if your cabling is installed properly and all connections are secure.

Back Panel


Ethernet 1-16   
The Ethernet ports connect the switch to a wired computer or other Ethernet network device.

When the MDI/MDIX button is pressed, port 16 will function as an Uplink port.  When it is not pressed, port 16 functions as a normal 10/100 port.

The Power port is where you will connect the power adapter.

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