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Changing your Linksys Intelligent Mesh admin password

Linksys Intelligent Mesh WiFi System is made up of modular nodes, which work seamlessly together to fit the needs of any home and deliver flawless WiFi wherever you want it.  The family of nodes comes in various sizes that work perfectly together and are beautifully designed to blend in any environment, making it easy to customize the best WiFi solution that’s right for you, regardless of your home shape, size or wherever your internet comes in.  With superior tri-band performance and Intelligent Mesh technology that adapts your WiFi needs, you’ll always be on the fastest path to the internet.

This article will help you change your node's admin password.  If you want to change the password of your Linksys cloud account using the Linksys app, click here.
During setup, the node creates a secured system-generated admin password (this secured password is not visible).  You must change this password to log in locally.

NOTE:  For Linksys MX4200AB-UK, the default administrator password of an unconfigured node is admin.  After you set up the node or has an internet connection, the default admin password changes to the unique pre-assigned WiFi password.  

Changing the admin password through the Linksys app
Changing the admin password through the browser

Changing the admin password through the Linksys app
Step 1:
Connect your mobile device to your WiFi then open the Linksys app.
Step 2:
For iOS, tap Manage Your Wi-Fi.  For Android, tap Log in.

Step 3:
You will be prompted to log in using your Linksys cloud account.  Enter the necessary credentials and tap Log in

NOTE:  You can also choose to log in using Router Password on iOS or Use Router Password on Android.

NOTE:  If you are unable to log in to the cloud or if the cloud happens to be down, you will need to recover your admin password.  Click here for instructions on how to recover your admin password.
Step 4:           
On the dashboard, tap the Menu icon on the upper-left corner.

Step 5:                    
Tap Network Administration.
Step 6:                    
Tap Change Router Password and Hint.
Step 7:                        
Enter your new password in the field.  You can also create an optional password hint.

Step 8:                        
Tap Save.
QUICK TIP:  An automated email will be sent announcing the admin password change. 
You should now have changed your admin password.

Changing the admin password through the browser
Step 1: 
Open a web browser to access the LinksysSmartWiFi.com page.  For instructions, click here
Step 2: 
Click Connectivity under Router Settings.

Step 3: 
On the Basic tab, click Edit next to Admin Password and enter your preferred password.  You can also add an optional Password hint.
Step 4: 
Click the 
sf217429-012_en_v12.png button to save the changes.
You should now have changed your admin password.

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