Troubleshooting intermittent or dropping connection with Linksys Mesh Routers


Intermittent or dropping connections with Linksys Mesh routers can be frustrating, but they are often solvable with a few troubleshooting steps. This article provides guidance to identify and resolve common issues causing instability in your mesh network.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Check the internet connection

Ensure that your internet connection is stable. Connect a device directly to your modem and check for consistent connectivity. If the connection is stable, the issue may be with the mesh network. Put back the connection from the modem to the internet/WAN port of the parent node and proceed to the next step.


2. Verify the mesh network layout

Check the placement of your mesh nodes. They should be strategically located to ensure optimal coverage and minimal interference. Avoid placing nodes near electronic devices or thick walls that can hinder the signal.

3. Update the firmware

Ensure that your Linksys Mesh routers are running the latest firmware. Outdated firmware can lead to performance issues.

For instructions on how to
upgrade the firmware of your Linksys Mesh system

4. Power cycle your Linksys mesh network

If you're still experiencing intermittent or dropping connections after trying the previous steps, a simple power cycle can sometimes resolve underlying issues. Follow these steps:

  • Turn OFF all devices: Power OFF your mesh nodes, including the main router and any additional nodes in the network.
  • Unplug power sources: Disconnect the power cables from each mesh node. Wait for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Reconnect power sources: Plug the power cables back into each mesh node.
  • Turn ON devices: Power on your mesh nodes, starting with the main router and then any additional nodes.
  • Wait for the network to stabilize: Allow a few minutes for it to fully initialize and stabilize.

Check if the connection issues persist. Power cycling can help clear temporary glitches and restore stable network performance.

If your concern is only regarding the dropping wired connection, you may proceed to step 8. If you have intermittent WiFi issues, go to step 5.

5. Check the WiFi channels

Interference from neighboring networks can impact your mesh network's performance. To address this issue, you can utilize the Linksys app's
Channel Finder.

6. Optimize placement

Reposition the mesh nodes to maximize coverage and reduce signal interference. Experiment with different locations and heights to find the optimal placement for each node. You may refer to the node's 
signal strength to identify how well a node hears the signal from another node. Relocate the nodes if you are getting bad signal strength. Solid walls or enclosed areas can also affect WiFi signal transmission. Mesh nodes are best placed in open areas where interference is less than none.

7. Check for interference

Other electronic devices such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and Bluetooth® devices can interfere with WiFi signals. Keep these devices away from the router and mesh nodes.

8. Reset and reconfigure

If all else fails, consider
resetting your Linksys Mesh system to factory defaults and reconfigure it using the Linksys app. This can resolve configuration issues that may be causing the connection problems.

9. Contact support

If the issue persists after following these steps, it's recommended to contact Linksys support for further assistance. Provide them with detailed information about your network setup and the troubleshooting steps you've taken.

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