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How to set up and configure the Guest access feature using Linksys Connect

What is Guest access?
The Guest access feature allows you to create a separate network for your guests without allowing them access to your main network and the computers connected to it.  Any wireless device you allow like smartphones, tablets, and computers can connect to the Guest network to be able to get internet access.


Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers, Linksys X-series Gateways, and Linksys Wi-Fi Routers have the Guest access feature which you can manage using either the web-based setup page on selected models or through the Linksys Connect software.

NOTE:  If you have already installed your Linksys router but do not have the Linksys Connect software yet, click here to manually set it up.
IMPORTANT:  The Guest access feature is not available for the Linksys Wi-Fi Routers, E800, E900, E1700, and E2100L.
Click on one of the links below to learn how to manage the Guest access feature:

Setting up the Guest access feature
Configuring the Guest access feature

Setting up the Guest access feature

To set up the Guest access option using Linksys Connect, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Select Guest access at the main screen of Linksys Connect.


Step 2:
In the Guest access settings window, click yes under Allow guest access to enable the feature. 
QUICK TIP:  The Guest network name is your main network's wireless network name (SSID) with -guest as a suffix.  If you want to change the Guest network's name, you will need to change the main network's SSID first.  To learn how, click


NOTE:  If you don't want to enable the Guest access feature, you may do so by selecting the no option under Allow guest access.
Step 3:

You should have successfully set up the Guest access feature of your router using Linksys Connect now.

Configuring the Guest access feature
You can configure the Guest access feature by doing the following:

Changing the Guest access Password
Changing the number of total guests allowed


Changing the Guest access Password 

The Guest network Password is located under the Password section of the Guest access settings window.
NOTE:  The Guest network Password is automatically set up once you enable the Guest access feature.  For security, the Password cannot be disabled unless you disable the Guest access feature first.  To learn how to do this, click


Follow the steps below to learn how to change the Guest network’s Password:

Step 1:
In the Guest access settings window, click Change.


Step 2:
Enter your preferred password then click Change to save it.  Your password must be 4-32 alphanumeric characters only. 


Changing the number of total guests allowed
You can also change the number of guests allowed in your network.  For example, if you have selected six (6) guests, it means that only six (6) computers can connect to your Guest wireless network at the same time.  Select the number of guests from the drop-down menu.  Once done, click Finish to save the changes.
QUICK TIP:  The Linksys Connect software allows up to 10 guest users.  However, the Linksys Smart W-Fi Routers allow you to connect up to 50 guests by configuring it from the web-based setup page.


IMPORTANT:  Before guest computers can connect to the Internet through your wireless network, they must open a web browser first and enter the password you specified.  Devices that don’t have built-in web browsers must go through the main network to be able to go online.

Setting up security
Now that you have set up and configured the Guest access feature, you may proceed to setting up a password for your main wireless network for additional security.  Click on the link below to learn more:

Setting up WEP, WPA or WPA2 wireless security

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