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Homekit Routers

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Lock Down Your Devices with the Apple Home App

Your Linksys mesh WiFi system works with Apple Homekit to add an extra layer of security to your smart home. Use the Home app to control which services and devices your HomeKit accessories can communicate with in your network and on the internet.

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How It Works

When your system is linked with the Apple Home app, it can monitor HomeKit accessories and prevent them from communicating in ways that might be harmful in the event an external threat from the internet gets through. This can stop viruses and malware from spreading, or your data from being sent to the wrong places.

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How to Use It

Once we release the new firmware we'll invite you to link with Apple Home via the Linksys app. All of your Velop nodes must be tri-band for this integration to work. In the Home settings of your Apple Home app, tap on WiFi Network and Routers and choose a smart home accessory connected to your WiFi. Once you select a connection security level, Apple Home will only allow the connections you permit and block connections if an accessory starts behaving strangely.

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What You Need

Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory requires an iPhone or iPad, and a HomePod, Apple TC, or iPad set up as a home hub. It is recommended that you update to the latest software and operating system.

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