Changing the Extended Wireless Settings of your range extender

The Extended Wireless Settings of the Linksys range extender is the wireless link between the range extender and the wireless clients. It has options that enable you to configure the wireless settings for your extended network.

IMPORTANT: This article will only teach you how to change the Extended Wireless Network Settings of your range extender. It is recommended that your range extender has a unique wireless network name. If you want to change the wireless network name of the router, click here to learn how.
Step 1:
Open a browser to log in to the web-based setup page of your range extender.

QUICK TIP: There are three (3) methods to log in:
  • Enter in the Address bar.
  • Enter the range extender’s IP address.​
NOTE: If your range extender is not yet configured, its default IP address is Once your extender is already configured you will need to look up the IP address in your router’s DHCP table. To know how to do this, click here.
  • For RE6400, RE6300 and RE6700, enter http://RE6x00-xxx for Window users or http://RE6x00-xxx.local for Mac® users, where xxx are the last three (3) characters of the range extender's MAC address.
Step 2:
You will then be prompted for a password. Enter “admin” in the Password field. Then, click OK.

NOTE: The default password of the range extender is "admin" and the username left blank. If you have changed the password, enter that instead.
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Step 3:
Click Basic Settings.
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Step 4:
Locate the Extended Wireless Settings of the band that you want to change. Then, uncheck the check box beside the Make same as router settings to disable it.

NOTE: In this example, the 2.4 Ghz band is used.

QUICK TIP: By default, the checkbox is checked and the fields are hidden.
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Step 5:
Enter your preferred wireless name and password in the Network Name (SSID) and Password fields.
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Step 6:
If you wish to change the Extended Wireless Advanced Settings like the Channel Width, Security Mode, and SSID Broadcast settings, do so in these fields.
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Step 7:
Click Enabled on SSID Broadcast.
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NOTE: If this option is left on Auto, the range extender will follow the settings of the main router or access point.

Step 8:
If you also want to change the Extended Wireless Settings of your 5 GHz network, same rule
applies. Scroll down to the 5 GHz Extended Wireless Settings section then repeat Steps 4-6.

NOTE: Make sure that your router is broadcasting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. If your router's 5 GHz band is disabled or doesn't have this feature, the 5 GHz settings on your range extender will be grayed out.
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Step 9:
Click Save.

You should have successfully changed the Extended Wireless Settings of your range extender.

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