Adding a Linksys Cognitive Mesh child node during initial setup using the Add more nodes option

Adding more nodes can always ensure the stability of your network. 

This article will help you complete the setup if one of your nodes was not detected or was turned OFF during in the
initial setup of the parent node. When you tap on Add more nodes in the Linksys app, the app will scan your network again, identify any unconfigured nodes, and allow you to add them to your existing setup. 

Before you begin:
  • Linksys Velop Cognitive™ Mesh products are not compatible with Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh™ products. Here is a list of Linksys Velop nodes with Cognitive Mesh technology.
  • Make sure that the child node is near the parent node, preferably in the same room, and no more than 10 ft away from the parent node. 
  • If you have a mix of Linksys MBE7000 and MX6200 nodes, make sure that the Linksys MBE7000 is the parent node in your network for better wireless performance.
  • Learn about the node’s light behavior here.

In this example, we are setting up three nodes. The Linksys app setup has begun, but it only detected two of the nodes.

1. In this scenario, when you get to this step, only two out of three nodes are detected. If the third node wasn’t ready during the initial setup, it may not be detected. To resume setup in the Linksys app, tap on Add more nodes.

2. The two nodes that were previously detected will have a solid white light by now. The third node that was not detected should have a solid blue light which indicates that it's ready for setup. If the light is solid blue, tap on the Node light is solid.

If the light is in any other status, reset the node, wait until it’s solid blue, and tap the Node light is solid to continue. DO NOT reset nodes that have solid white lights. A solid white light on a node indicates that it is set up already.

3. After detecting and configuring the node, the screen will show the number of nodes that were successfully added to your network. In this case, it has now found the third node. Tap Next and proceed to the next step.

If the node is still not found, you can finish the setup now and try to a
dd the node after you have configured your network.

4. Tap Next.

5. Tap Finish to complete the setup. You can now relocate your child nodes in your home.

6. Tap on Go to dashboard.

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