Linksys Life Lab

We work in the lab so your WiFi works in life.

150 engineers

Real World Testing

Before our products are ready for your homes and offices, they're tested. And tested again. And again. A total of 25 life tests over 40,000 hours simulate every situation we could imagine, ensuring speed, reliability, security and privacy, and ease of use.

people in front of screens


Our products take on every possible challenge, from thermal shock to antenna swivel tests, to ensure reliability. Because every connection matters.

testers in lab


Leave the lag behind. Our speed tests are real-world tested for peak performance across streaming, video conferencing, gaming, and beyond.

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Security & Privacy

Your connections are yours and yours alone. Our security testing incorporates all the latest threat protection technology, because we're all hacker haters.

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Our tests ensure seamless and effortless network set up and management. Because WiFi only works if it works for you.

WiFi That Really Works.

When you see the Life Tested by Linksys badge on our products, you know they've been developed by our people, passed our tests and are ready for your life.

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